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For the Best

You said this was for the best
You said this was what you wanted
You said you knew it made no sense
You said you were happy
I said it was time to let go
I said we can’t always have what we want
I said it made no sense
But if you were happy so was I
They said it was for the best
They said what I wanted was wrong
They said one day it would make sense
They said they’d seen you with her

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry that I’m always late
I’m sorry I don’t know what to say
I’m sorry for forgetting the milk
I’m sorry for laughing when you said ilk
I’m sorry I flirted with him
I’m sorry for saying the wrong thing
I’m sorry for eating your food
I’m sorry for my frequent bad mood
I’m sorry I burnt your shirt
I’m sorry the things I did hurt
I’m sorry for panicking you’d leave
I’m sorry I was always naïve
I’m sorry for my teary eyes
I’m sorrier for the goodbyes
I’m sorry
So very sorry
For falling in love with you