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The Dandelion


So summer’s officially coming to an end.  The leaves are starting to change colour, I’ve bought my new winter hat, got some mini marshmallows to top my dairy free hot chocolate with (started making it with coconut milk which is amazing!) and my hayfever episodes are becoming fewer with every day that passes because all the polleny flowers are disappearing.  Despite making me sneeze I still love the little flashes of colour that flowers give us spring through summer, so in the spirit of saying goodbye to summer I’ve written a poem about one of my favourite spring/summer flowers, which no-one else seems to like very much.

The Dandelion

Some days are cold and wet
Some days are warm and sweet
None are perfect

Especially me

I do my best
A spark of yellow on a spring day
Shining and glowing in the grass
Quite beautiful you think
From afar

But up close no
The poison is out
And I am drenched
What did I do?

To deserve this reputation
This label

The burning fire is on me
My petals
Me stem
My roots
Dissolving under the liquid fire

What did I do?

Only my best

Copyright, D M Day, 2015