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GloPoWriMo: Day 16

GloPoWriMo: Day 16

The Day 16 prompt was to write a poem inspired by the act of letter-writing.  The poem could be in the form of a letter to a person, place, or thing, or in the form of a back-and-forth correspondence.





An Affair to Forget

Dear Steve

I wanted to say how sorry I was
And I knew you’d never see me
After everything I’ve done

Some friends said I should put it in a letter
Hopefully you can find it in your heart to read it
All the way through

I am truly sorry for all the pain I’ve caused
All the hurt I’ve brought to you and the children
All the trouble

It all just got out of hand
I never meant for it to start in the first place
Never mind end in this way
With so many people hurt

No-one was more surprised than me
When she arrived at my door suitcases in hand
For months my friends had been telling me she’d never leave you
They all say that

Of course I felt guilty
But I was enjoying the affair
I’m sorry

When she stood in my doorway
With everything she owned piled around her
I knew then that I didn’t love her
That I’d never loved her at all

Steve please I’m begging you
Please, please fight for her
Take her back

Your friend


Copyright, D M Day, 2017


GloPoWriMo: Day 13

GloPoWriMo: Day 13

So this is a day late, because the prompt went up late and yesterday was insanely busy so never had a chance to look at it.  I’ll post the actual one for today later.  The Day 13 prompt was to write a ghazal.  The form was originally developed in Arabic and Persian poetry, but has become increasingly used in English, after being popularised by poets including Agha Shahid Ali.  A ghazal is formed of couplets, each of which is its own complete statement.  Both lines of the first couplet end with the same phrase or word, and that end phrase or word is also repeated at the end of each couplet.  I could also attempt to incorporate internal rhymes and a reference to my own name in the final couplet.  I have written a ghazal about fireflies, because I’ve been wanting to write a poem about them for a while.  The first line is true and I managed to get the reference to my name in at the end.


When I was a child I read a book about matches played with by fireflies
I remembered it when he left and I stared at the night sparkling with fireflies

The stars were sparkling in the inky blue enveloping the world around me
They seemed so still and endless when compared with moving fireflies

I got the ice cream out of the freezer not because I wanted it or was hungry
But because that’s what you’re supposed to do, not stare at shimmering fireflies

I sat staring out the window, the dairy filled tub wet in my now cold hands
Until the sun came up and they were all gone, not one, no more fireflies

And then I forgot all out him, because I am what I am, a lady of the day
And mourning for something that never was is for the night, like fireflies

Copyright, D M Day, 2017


100 Word Challenge: Demon

100 Word Challenge: Demon

This is a 100 word challenge using the word “demon” for inspiration, writing 100 words exactly – no more, no less. I could either use the word – or any form of the word – as one of my 100, or it could be implied.

I have written this piece of microfiction using “demon” as inspiration.


Even if it killed us both

When he left I was heartbroken. Distraught. Couldn’t deal with it. He was my first. My only. I had to get him back. Even if it killed us both.

Her black eyes shone as she handed me the bag and gave me instructions. I had to follow them exactly, or who knew what could happen.

There was a whimper when I took my virgin’s blood, ear splitting bangs when I burnt my offerings.

And now he’s here. Standing on my doorstep, mouth smeared in blood, reeking of death.

I had to get him back. Even if it killed us both.

Copyright, D M Day, 2016



This is a poem inspired by the life, and death, of David Oluwale.  This is one of the darkest parts of Leeds’ history and, sadly, it is largely forgotten.  Many people read the story today and are shocked that such events could have taken place.  But today our society is seeing a shocking rise in hate crime.

This is a poem inspired by the life, and death, of David Oluwale.  It is dedicated to all victims of hate crime.  It is a poem of hope that some day we will wake up in a better world.

The story of David Oluwale can be read about in The Hounding of David Oluwale by  Kester Aspden.  Information about Amnesty International’s #againsthate campaign can be found here.


I had hoped to see my home again
My mother
But is it home?
So long I’ve been here now

Stowaway they called me
Hidden in the cargo hold
Even when they tried to smoke us out
I was young and strong
Young and strong and full of hope

I was not the last to come
Or the only one unwelcome
The streets echo with cries
Cries of hate
Cries of fear

Hope is silent

Take away language
Take away colour
Can’t you see we are all the same?
We all have the same hopes

Hopes of a good life
Hopes of a happy life
That’s all

Hope that can’t be killed
No matter how deep the water you throw us into

Copyright, D M Day, 2016

We Should Talk

We Should Talk

This is a poem I wrote for a writing group.  The prompt was a picture of a frozen windscreen with the words “We Should Talk” written in the ice.


We Should Talk

We should talk
It used to be cute
We should talk
In our first house
We should talk
Traced into the steam
We should talk
In the bathroom mirror
We should talk
Or into the ice
We should talk
Coating my windscreen
We should talk
It isn’t cute any more though
We should talk
Because we never did
We should talk
Maybe we could have fixed it
We should talk
Maybe we weren’t broken after all
We should talk
But we are now
We should talk
Beyond all repair
We should talk
I lock the door behind me
We should talk
Post the keys and walk away
We should have talked

Copyright, D M Day, 2016

NaPoWriMo – Day 23

NaPoWriMo – Day 23

The day 23 prompt was to write a sonnet. Traditionally, sonnets are 14-line poems, with ten syllables per line, written in iambs (i.e., with a meter in which an unstressed syllable is followed by one stressed syllable, and so on). There are several traditional rhyme schemes, including the Petrarchan, Spenserian, and Shakespearean sonnets.  But beyond the strictures of form, sonnets usually pose a question of a sort, explore the ideas raised by the question, and then come to a conclusion. In a way, they are essays written in verse.  This meant I could write a “sonnet” that didn’t meet all of the traditional formal elements, but still functioned as a mini-essay of a sort. The main point was to keep my poem tight, not rangy, and to use the shorter confines of the form to fuel the poem’s energy. I thought this was a very nice prompt for Shakespeare day.  Many of Shakespeare’s sonnets are about romantic love, and recently I’ve noticed a change in which relationships end in our modern world.  I’ve recently dried the tears of many friends who have been in relationships which have ended on social media.  This sonnet is dedicated to them.

When a Man Leaves a Woman Broken Up

When a man leaves a woman broken up
Her breath short, and tears coming thick and fast
And heart in a thousand pieces, shattered
Does he think for a second of her pain?
Or does he only think of himself and
His freedom, his ease of mind, his comfort
Hidden in his cowardice says no word
To her to whom he promised love always
To her to whom he promised the sunlight
Perhaps he thinks it easer this way
When he disappears into thin air and
Save everyone the pain, the wretchedness
Perhaps he thinks of no-one but himself
When he vanishes, quick, without a word

Copyright D M Day 2016


More information about NaPoWriMo can be found at http://www.napowrimo.net/

NaPoWriMo – Day 12

NaPoWriMo – Day 12

The day twelve prompt was to write an index poem either from language from an actual index, or an index I’d invented, in the style of Thomas Brendler’s poem Index of First Lines.  Influenced by a scene that I recently added to my novel in progress, I decided to write a poem about a broken relationship.

The A-Z Guide to the End

All, I gave you my
Bags, you packed your
Commitment, you were afraid of
Depressed, I am now
End, how could this be the
Freedom, you wanted back your
Gone, you are
Heartbreak, I am drowning in my
Inside, I am dying
Joke, please tell me this is a
Kiss, just one more please
Love, you my are one true
Madness, please stop this
Nagging, you said it was all about my
Obstinate, why are you being so
Pain, I’ve never been in such
Quiet, this house is so
Regret, please don’t do something we’ll both
Stranded, you’re leaving me here
Tender, my love for you is still
Underneath, my skin, you are
Valentine, you said you would always be my
Wrong, why can’t you see this is
X, never thought you would be my
Yet, but I still love you
Zero, without you I have

Copyright D M Day 2016


More information about NaPoWriMo can be found at http://www.napowrimo.net/