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100 Word Challenge – Common

100 Word Challenge – Common

This was a challenge to write exactly 100 words either using the word common,  or any form of the word, as one of the 100, or using common as a prompt and implying it in the 100 words.  I have written this poem using common as the title.  It is based on someone’s reaction to my presence at an event a long time ago.





No knew more than me
That I didn’t belong here
That I was in the wrong place
That a terrible mistake had been made

No-one wanted me away from here
More than me myself
No-one wanted me to disappear more than me
As distrusting eyes followed me around the room

He looked at me and said
Well she is a bit common
Like I wasn’t even there
Like I couldn’t hear his
Sneer or see his curled lip
As he glanced at me like the
Underside of his shoe
After he’d stepped in something
Like his face

Copyright, D M Day, 2017