GloPoWriMo: Day 19

GloPoWriMo: Day 19

The Day 19 prompt was to write a poem that recounts a creation myth.  It didn’t have to be an existing creation myth, or even recount how all of creation came to be.  It could be, for example, a take on the creation of ball-point pens, or the discovery of knitting.  The myth could be as big or small and as serious or silly as I would like.  I have written a creation myth about the Moon.


Moon Dust

Look up
At the sky above
Do you see
All the specks of sparkling dust?
They have covered the sky
Since the world was very young

Lunar lives in the sky
And it is her job
To clean it up
Sweep up all the specks of sparkling dust

When the sun shines through the day
She cannot see the dust
As she runs around with her dustpan and brush

So she has to wait until the night
Until the sky is dark and black
And the dust sparkles
Just right

But the sky is so big
She cannot get it all swept in one night
So she does her best
Does as much as she can
Gets it into a big pile
Before the sun rises

Then when the sun sinks
She starts again

Do you see
The pile of sparkling dust
Getting bigger and bigger
Until it is round as round can be
Then it slowly disappears
As she gets rid of a little bit
Night after night
Until it is all gone

Then she rests for a few days
But soon more dust is scattered
So she starts again

Sweeping moon dust
In the night sky
Over and over

Copyright, D M Day, 2017



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