GloPoWriMo: Day 8

GloPoWriMo: Day 8

The Day 8 prompt was to write a poem that relies on repetition similar to “The Bells” by Edgar Allen Poe, or Joy Harjo’s “She Had Some Horses”.  Poe’s poem creates a relentless, clanging effect through the repetition of the word “bells,” while Harjo’s repeated use of the phrase “she had some horses” and variations thereof gives her poem its incantatory effect, while also deepening its central philosophical conceit of what things are the same and what things are different.  The idea was to write a poem where repetition created an effect.  I decided to repeat the word “falling” as I like the idea of falling into or through a poem.  I was going to go romantic and write something about the headiness of falling in love, but instead a freewrite has resulted in this rags to riches story.


Do you remember when we were falling?

Falling forever

Falling into a darkness that never ended

Falling for so long we thought we’d never stop

Falling further and further

Into the black

Into the red

Falling and falling

Red letters falling onto the doormat

Balance falling deeper into the overdraft

Falling down in the street

One cannot live on cold tinned soup alone

Then we stopped falling
We survived the endless fall
It ended
Do you remember?
Do you remember when we were falling?

I will not stand by and do nothing while others stumble
I will not watch someone else fall
I can’t

I can’t stand it

Seeing that I feel like I’m falling again




Copyright, D M Day, 2017


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  1. This starts as one of those falling dreams we all had as children, then it grows into a strong political poem. I like it a lot.

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