100 Word Challenge – Risk

100 Word Challenge – Risk

I haven’t done one of these for a while as everything’s been crazy work and rehearsal wise. Do please do come see me play Richard III, amongst others, in Shakespeare War Play if you can!  This is a challenge to write exactly 100 words either using the word risk,  or any form of the word, as one of the 100, or using risk as a prompt and implying it in the 100 words.  I have written this drabble using risk as a prompt.




Spare Room

You’re moving out? Tomorrow! What am I supposed to do? Well yes I know I can get someone else in, but that’s not going to happen straight away. I’ll have to live by myself for about a month. Anything could happen. One of the bulbs could go out and I could trip over in the dark and crack my head. I might be cooking tea and the doorbell rings and before I know it the house has burnt down. You can’t leave me! What do you mean this is exactly why? Most accidents occur at home you know. Risky place.

Copyright, D M Day, 2017

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  1. Is it the paranoia talking, or foreshadowing? Can’t quite shake off the feeling of foreboding from this piece, but it was an interesting read!

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