Katherine Howard – Review

Katherine Howard – Review

Some historical figures, Cleopatra, Van Gogh, Henry VIII, have become the stuff of legends, so famous for a certain quirk, a love affair, their temperament, particular incidents, that it has become easy to forget that they were real people just like you and me and had everyday lives and conversations just like you and me.  Bebington Dramatic Society‘s production of Katherine Howard showed the everyday life in Henry Tudor’s court and also showed his lesser known faults – the lonely little boy who was afraid of the dark and only wanted to be seen as a person and loved for who he was.  A very funny production that often left the theatre laughing out loud it quickly dissolved into the tragic circumstances that ended Katherine’s life.  Henry’s vicious and unpredictable temper was not dwelt upon, but this added to this little known story of Henry’s fifth wife.  While not entirely historically accurate, the play is a beautiful portrayal of love, longing, jealousy, manipulation, the powerful and the powerless.  The final scene was particularly haunting, and while none of the cast could be criticised, Mark Prescott and Charlotte Cumming performed brilliantly as the ill fated husband and wife.

Katherine Howard closes tonight at 7:30 at the Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight.

Copyright, D M Day, 2017

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