Summer Chill

Summer Chill

Summer is coming to an end, allegedly.  In reality, today has been red hot and sunny.  But that’s the British summer.  We have sunny days and we have rainy days and eventually it all fizzles out and it’s time for bonfires and fireworks.  This is a poem dedicated to the highs and lows of the Great British summer, and the beginning of autumn, whenever that may be.  Enjoy the weather, whatever you’re getting!


Summer Chill

Blue skies
Grey skies
Beautiful flowers
Watery eyes
Smoking barbecues
Flies attacking
Pollen’s up
Beer’s down

Long days
Short nights

Then suddenly

Kids are back at school
Rain falls every day
Pumpkins fill shop shelves
Fallen leaves litter the street

Summer is a memory
Summer is a craving
Something remembered
Something desired
Never forgotten
Never fulfilled

Copyright D M Day, 2016


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      • The last few years it has arrived as the children are going back to school. I home educate so we got to spend the summer on the beach whereas everyone else was back to school runs before it started.

      • I think we’ve had about five summery days scattered about, which I’m not counting as a proper season, for the purposes of the poem.

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