As a lot of people know I love old things.  Vintage clothes, antiques, old music, old movies.  I don’t like to say I was born in the wrong era like a lot of vintage enthusiasts, because in all honesty if I’d been born in a different era I’d probably still be somewhat displaced because I love so many of them!  Some of my favourite time periods include Ancient Egyptian, the 1920s and the 1960s.  I also like the 1950s, a decade already very popular in the vintage scene, which seems to become more and more popular every single day.  I’ve seen so much lately which is dedicated to rockabilly, I’ve been thinking about one of my favourite rockabilly stars, the sadly taken too soon Buddy Holly.  This poem is for him.


September 1936 in Texas he was born
Charles Hardin Holley was the fourth child, also the youngest
Name too big for her boy his mother nicknamed him Buddy
A spelling error later on made him Buddy Holly
Learned piano, fiddle and guitar in a close family
He rebelled in church, said he had better places to be
Started in a country band, but opening for Elvis
Led to a dramatic change in the style of the young man
But the iconic glasses, bow tie and wide smile remained
A John Wayne line led to the Cricket’s first top forty hit
The band later split, that famous fateful Midwest tour came
With Ritchie and the Bopper he fell from the winter sky
Just 22 all was done, but the music never died
Remembered forever, in the changed face of rock ‘n’ roll

Copyright, D M Day, 2016

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