Define Yourself as a Writer

Define Yourself as a Writer

I’ve been a writer all my life.  I’ve written stories for as long as I can remember.  I started writing poetry as a teenager,  which I guess a lot of people do.  I’ve had varying success with it but I’m hoping, all being well, the next two years or so are going to be quite big for my writing.  Also, it’s my birthday tomorrow, so I thought today might be a good day to take a step back and redefine myself as a writer, to remind myself who I am and where I’m going.

Writer’s Name: D M Day

Career: Day job – Legal document production.  Former copywriter for the MS Society.  Writer.  Author.  Poet.  Blogger.  Theatrical make up artist.  Actress.

Skills: Creative writing: poetry, flash fiction, fiction, non-fiction.  Copywriting.  Blogging.  Project management.  Make up.

Social media: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn (in progress).

Achievements: Now or Never published on Flash Fiction World.  ‘Til Death do us Part published on Ink Pantry.  Awarded first place in a heat of the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge for People Will Talk.

Interests: Writing, reading, acting, make up, vintage clothing, baking, cooking, history, science fiction, fantasy fiction, literature and a developing interest in quantum physics and astronomy.

Who am I? I am science and fantasy fiction writer, with too many dresses, a house full of birds and a drinker of copious amounts of tea.

Who are you and where are you going?

Copyright D M Day, 2016

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