100 Word Challenge: Karaoke

100 Word Challenge: Karaoke

This week’s 100 word challenge was to write 100 Words – no more, no less using “karaoke” for inspiration. I could either use the word – or any form of the word – as one of my 100, or it could be implied.

Haunted by Beauty

Empty orchestra. “Hauntingly beautiful” Ted Mosby said. My memories of karaoke bars are not beautiful. Haunting, maybe.

One that stands out is an afternoon spent with a friend. He wanted to go in the new (tacky) karaoke bar to see what it was like.

He walked up to the scowling lad behind the bar and said “excuse me, do you have a wine list”.

The barman rolled his eyes and stared at my (very well groomed) friend before responding “err, no”.

“This is not our kind of place” he told me, running out of the door.

Copyright, D M Day, 2016


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