Monkey Business

Monkey Business

So since NaPoWriMo ended my life has been a bit crazy with finishing uni off (all done now – hurrah), moving house (not quite done yet – boo) and various other bits and bats so things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front.  But here’s a (very) short story I wrote for a little writing challenge.  The challenge was to write a 100 word story featuring the words “monkey”, “scarf” and “bench”.  Would love to see other people’s take on it as well, so feel free to tweet me @inkytitch.

Monkey Business

The monkey walked slowly through the park, rubbing his eyes, yawning, but not wanting to go home yet despite being exhausted.  He just couldn’t face yet another argument with his wife about employing humans.  ‘There aren’t that many left’, he’d told her.  ‘That’s their fault’, she’d screamed, slamming their bedroom door.  Sighing he sat on a nearby bench pulling his scarf tighter.  It was cold tonight.  It was always cold now.  The final war had almost blocked the sun out completely.  But Adam was a nice guy.  What his ancestors had done wasn’t his fault.  Why couldn’t she see that?

Copyright, D M Day, 2016

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