NaPoWriMo – Day 28

NaPoWriMo – Day 28

The day 28 prompt was to write a poem that tells a story but with a twist – the story needed to be told backwards, the first line saying what happened last, then working through the past until the beginning.  This evening I went to see Leeds Arts Centre’s wonderful production of Macbeth, and it seemed appropriate to summarise the story of Lady Macbeth for this poem especially considering that this year marks the 400 year anniversary of the death of the Bard.

Lady Macbeth

And now I am at peace
Bestill my breath and heart
This small hand is clean at last
The damned spot is out
For it is all over now
Murder most foul is so easy to do
‘Tis a wife’s duty to guide her husband’s weak hand
To rule over this green and bonny land!
Oh to be queen, Queen of Scotland!
Such a prophecy is but a dream

Copyright D M Day 2016


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