NaPoWriMo – Day 27

NaPoWriMo – Day 27

The day 27 prompt was inspired by the work of the Irish poet Ciaran Carson, who increasingly writes using very long lines. Carson has stated that his lines are (partly) based on the seventeen syllables of the haiku, and that he strives to achieve the clarity of the haiku in each line. The prompt was to write a poem with very long lines. I could aim for seventeen syllables, but it was just a rough guide. I started this one with a line that has been in my notebook for a while, and tried to achieve the tone of a rambling story teller, telling a random story.

I accidentally bought an ice cream van when I was drunk

I accidentally bought an ice cream van when I was drunk
It was one of those nights where you’re so drunk you remember nothing the next morning
When I woke up with my head pounding and mouth dry as the Sahara
The blinding sun was shining on my aching face
I rolled out of bed and landed heavily on the floor littered last night’s loose change
Crawled towards the window and hauled myself up using the sill for support
And there it was parked in my driveway pink and white
An ice cream van which was mine, all mine
And then I remembered what I had done last night
I accidentally bought an ice cream van when I was drunk
And now every time I hear a tinkly tinny version of Henry’s classic Greensleeves
I feel that hangover all over again and remember why I gave up alcohol
In favour of eating ice cream every single day, come rain or shine
And then I gave up my job working in a solicitor’s office
It wasn’t very fulfilling anyway and when I saw this place I couldn’t resist buying it
So that’s how I wound up buying an ice cream parlour, granted this purchase I was sober
And so far today had been a quiet day but then you came in and what a lovely chat we’ve had
So, oh I’m sorry, this is melted a bit now isn’t it?
I’ll get you a fresh one, tell me do you want sprinkles with that?
Funny story about sprinkles, you’ll like this one

Copyright D M Day 2016


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