NaPoWriMo – Day 21

NaPoWriMo – Day 21

The day 21 prompt was to write a poem in the voice of a minor character from a fairy tale or myth. For example, instead of writing from the point of view of Cinderella, writing from the point of view of the mouse who got turned into a coachman or instead of writing from the point of view of Orpheus or Eurydice, writing from the point of view of one of the shades in Hades who watched Eurydice leave and then come back.  Hans Christian Andersen was probably the first author to inspire me and I have written a poem from the point of view of a minor character in one of my favourite Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales.  This is the second piece I have written directly inspired by Andersen’s work, the first being Helmand on Earth which was inspired by The Steadfast Tin Soldier.  This time though, though I’m not going to say which fairy tale this piece is inspired by.  I’m leaving it up to the poem to reveal the story.

A New Year’s Gift

Happy New Year!
May you be merry
I wish you and your family well
On this auspicious day

Oh good
The maid has got a fire going
It was ever so cold last night
A bitter end to the old year

Glancing out the window
At the snow covered streets
I am surprised to see a crowd
Gathered around my house

So many new year well wishers so early?
I throw open my door
Ready to greet my friends and neighbours
And scream

There’s a little girl
Dead on my doorstep
Clutching burnt out matches
In her frozen fingers

Happy New Year

Copyright D M Day 2016


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  1. Coming from a family who rarely read ‘anything’, I had to look up this story. I am very quiet inside as I ponder this. All because of your poem…

    • Thank you. I hope you enjoy the story. I have loved it since I was a child. There’s something about Hans Andersen that stayed with me.

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