NaPoWriMo – Day 20

NaPoWriMo – Day 20

The day 20 prompt was to write “kenning” poem. Kennings were riddle-like metaphors used in the Norse sagas. Basically, they are ways of calling something not by its actual name, but by a sort of clever, off-kilter description — for example, the sea would be called the “whale road”.  The prompt was to think of a single thing or person (a house, my grandmother, etc), and then write a poem that consists of kenning-like descriptions of that thing or person. For example, I might call a cat a mouse-stalker, quiet-walker, bird-warner, purr-former, etc. This is another prompt where I struggled for inspriation, but as I was on my way to a play reading tonight, I thought that I could write a kenning poem about that most mysterious and elusive creature, the actor.

The Actor

Tragic comedy
Comic tragedy
Script reader
Line forgetter
Prompt listener
Cue misser
Fallen hero
Defeated villain
Love interest
Romantic rival
Tortured soul
Crowd worshipper
Tear faker
Laughter maker

Nothing on a stage
Is what it seems to be

The curtain falls

Copyright D M Day 2016


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