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A Vintage Love Letter

A Vintage Love Letter

Aww, my poor neglected blog.  I’ve done a bit of a disappearing act recently, the reasons for which will be expanded upon in another post which will be up very shortly, but I’ve realised that no matter what people say, if I don’t write I end up miserable, which eventually starts making other people in my life miserable.  So the last few weeks have been spent meeting various deadlines, and trying to negotiate the big world of the mildly successful writer once again.

So this is my entry for the Betty Blues Loungewear Valentine’s Love Letter competition.  The photograph is the handwritten version, but here is the content, if you can’t read the picture:

My darling Wilfred

I hope you find this letter without trouble.  I know it is a huge risk, to us both, but I have such a dreadful feeling about tomorrow.

Going over the top again.  I still have nightmares about the last time.  The shells, the bangs, the screams.  I am sorry for my handwriting.  My arm is beginning to shake.

Of course I thank God each day neither of us has got the knock out, though I’d thank him double for a pair of Blighties.

You have my word that my thoughts will be with you tomorrow, and that your handkerchief will be pressed close to my heart.  I would be most happy if this letter was close to yours.

I promise will try to be brave.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, tonight, tomorrow and always.



Spread the love, feel the love, and all that jazz!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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