Somewhere, Beyond the Stars


A new year begins
A goat skips along
Full of hope
For the things that are to come

A man walks by
Carrying an urn
He bends down
Fills it with deep clear water

Two fish are in the river
Swimming so close
To the surface
Their scales shimmer bright and silver

A ram drinks near them
They brush his nose
He jumps back
And runs away into the distance

Perhaps he saw the approaching bull
Angry and fast
Charging at imagined red
Destroying everything within his path

Banged heads see double
As two identical men pass
So alike in manner and movement
No-one would think they were individual

Until one screams and falls
A crab attached to his foot
By its bright claw
Now stained with the young man’s blood

The other runs off for help
Not noticing the lion lurking
In the grass
Just waiting for its opportunity

But the beast is easily calmed
Like many male things
By a maiden fair and pure
Wandering along singing dreamily

She sits and considers
Can she actually marry that monster?
Weighing her options carefully
In a pair of golden scales

She never notices the scorpion
Sitting quietly in one pan
Creeping as her mind wanders
It’s tail buries deep into her hand

He comes for his bride
Half horse, half man
She looks as though she is asleep
But he finds her life drained

A roar of anguish
And everything stops
The world grows dark and cold
A new year begins

Copyright, D M Day, 2015


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