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Every Single Morning


Every single morning my heart breaks
I can’t stand leaving you

Every single morning the same thing
The sun rises and light spreads across my face
I hear birds welcoming the new day
Tears spring to my eyes

Every single morning it’s harder
I wish I didn’t have to leave
I want to stay with you all the time
Dawn brings with it my misery
My only happiness arrives with sunset

Every single morning my heart breaks
I can’t stand leaving you
But every single morning the alarm clock rings
And tears me away from my love

My warm cosy bed

Copyright, D M Day, 2015


A Bird


Emily Dickinson is a poet renowned for her unusual use of punctuation, enjambments and line breaks, which created some of the most unusual poems ever written.  This poem is based on an exercise where an Emily Dickinson poem is taken, rearranged into block prose and then rebroken and edited.  Exercises like this are good for cleaning out creativity blocks, and reminding yourself of your own style.  Full credit is given to Emily Dickinson for her original work A Bird, came down the Walk which is available to read here

A bird flew along the path
He did not know I saw him
He bit a worm in half and ate it, raw
He drank dew from the grass
He hopped sideways to the wall to let a beetle pass
He glanced with rapid eyes, that flickered
They looked like frightened beads, I thought

He lifted his velvet head. like one in danger, cautious
I offered up some bread, like one in surrender, nervous
He flew home smoother than a still lake
To silent for the butterflies,
Who float like autumn leaves


Copyright, Donna Day, 2015



It isn’t waking up each morning
With his face next to mine
It isn’t eating breakfast together
Coffee cups in the sink all day
It isn’t getting dropped off at work
With a goodbye kiss at the door
It isn’t going home each night
To how was your day, TV and
It isn’t sleepy cuddles on the sofa
Stumbling off to bed, yawning and mumbling

It’s moving things around
Messing up at the last minute
It’s video calls and texting
Talking about everything, anything
It’s halfway points and hotel rooms
Making the most of every minute
It’s making the extra effort
Even if it’s just to speak every day
It’s letting go of the little things
To keep hold of the important ones

It isn’t routine
It isn’t every day
It isn’t easy
But it’s mine

It isn’t forever

Copyright, Donna Day, 2015