The Princess and the Dragon


I look out the castle window
Over the land we own
Miles and miles of marshland
The place that I call home

I hear my husbands horse
The trot towards our keep
The servants all go running
I’m trying not to weep

My chamber he will enter
Still in his armour cold
I’m no more than his possession
Bought with a bag of gold

He’ll throw me on the bed
Run me through with his sword
Every day the same
I his lady, him my lord

Then I will lay numb
Bruised all over by his touch
I can’t take any more
It really is too much

Suddenly the room goes dark
My breath catches in my throat
Could this be salvation
Flying over the moat?

I hear a familiar shrieking hiss
And know that I am saved!
I knew that this would happen
And I’d not remain enslaved

The walls go hot and people scream
I inhale the lovely smoke
My lungs strengthened by experience
Anyone else would choke

I turn and run down stairs
My husband won’t dare stop me
That is if he survives tonight
I won’t be here to see

I rush out into the open air
My servants run in fear
But I am in an ecstasy
My salvation being so near

The lizard has landed feet away
My love is on his back
My husband is stood ready to fight
But his grip on the blade is slack

There’s no point even trying
I’m leaving with my love
I never should have been here
I belong in the skies above

I run towards the smell of smoke
My husband grabs my wrist
His grip on my arm is painful
It’s so pointless for him to resist

I hear him scream in pain
As he is engulfed in fire
I leap upon the lizard’s back
At last my heart’s desire

And so we’re flying through the air
My arms wrapped around her waist
This is where I’ve always belonged
My husband is replaced

We are flying far away
Safe our dragon’s back
Me and my beautiful princess
There is nothing we will lack

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