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The Princess and the Dragon


I look out the castle window
Over the land we own
Miles and miles of marshland
The place that I call home

I hear my husbands horse
The trot towards our keep
The servants all go running
I’m trying not to weep

My chamber he will enter
Still in his armour cold
I’m no more than his possession
Bought with a bag of gold

He’ll throw me on the bed
Run me through with his sword
Every day the same
I his lady, him my lord

Then I will lay numb
Bruised all over by his touch
I can’t take any more
It really is too much

Suddenly the room goes dark
My breath catches in my throat
Could this be salvation
Flying over the moat?

I hear a familiar shrieking hiss
And know that I am saved!
I knew that this would happen
And I’d not remain enslaved

The walls go hot and people scream
I inhale the lovely smoke
My lungs strengthened by experience
Anyone else would choke

I turn and run down stairs
My husband won’t dare stop me
That is if he survives tonight
I won’t be here to see

I rush out into the open air
My servants run in fear
But I am in an ecstasy
My salvation being so near

The lizard has landed feet away
My love is on his back
My husband is stood ready to fight
But his grip on the blade is slack

There’s no point even trying
I’m leaving with my love
I never should have been here
I belong in the skies above

I run towards the smell of smoke
My husband grabs my wrist
His grip on my arm is painful
It’s so pointless for him to resist

I hear him scream in pain
As he is engulfed in fire
I leap upon the lizard’s back
At last my heart’s desire

And so we’re flying through the air
My arms wrapped around her waist
This is where I’ve always belonged
My husband is replaced

We are flying far away
Safe our dragon’s back
Me and my beautiful princess
There is nothing we will lack


Is today the most depressing day of the year?


Is it just me or was it extra cold and extra dark when the alarm went off this morning?

Christmas has been packed back into its box, winter is well and truly underway, and optimistic resolutions are now things that actually need doing as opposed to just being flaky dreams or the long forgotten vows they will be in a fortnight’s time.  The first Monday after New Year is also when most people go back to work, so it’s little wonder that it has earned the reputation of being the most depressing day of the year.

Still the accusation got me to thinking; is this sad feeling on what has earned the tagline “Blue Monday” a minor blip, just a small symptom of the hangover of the festive season, or is it indicative of something more problematic?  Because when it comes down to it, nothing has happened.  We’ve just returned to the same reality we were in before.

So it seems to me that a decision needs to be made.  If tomorrow everything is better, as it was before, Blue Monday is just a hangover period and things will start looking up again.  If not though, and you are unhappy with your life, say with your job, financial situation, or whatever, maybe Blue Monday is a sign that the New Year is the time to take steps to change things.

I don’t think that self-improvement is something that ever really stops, and always have some plans to bring about change in my world, but I’ve used New Year to review where things are and come up with a plan as to where things are going and where I want to be on Blue Monday next year.

And, it doesn’t hurt, to look for the best things in each and every day anyway!

Smile, it’s only 354 sleeps until Christmas!

Love and peace.

All views in this post are my own and do not represent medical advice.  If you feel you might be suffering from clinical depression, or any other mental health issue, please contact your doctor as soon as possible xx

New Year, New Promises


New Year’s Resolutions are the promises that are meant to be broken, so last year I made the vaguest most ridiculous one ever, and somehow, through sheer dumb luck, I actually managed it.  2014 was the year I was going to change everything.  I’m typing this in the flat I moved into in March, having finished for the day in the job I started in September, with my boyfriend of nine months sat in the next room, significantly less financial worry and different coloured hair.  So I actually didn’t do too bad at the old resolution thing for 2014.  But the promise was vague.  Vague is good.  Vague is easy.  2015 is going to be hard, because there’s an actual list.  2015 is going to be hard because I don’t make lists, or plans, ever.  I spend hours creating people whose fate I don’t know until it’s happened, but I think, after reaching that grand milestone of 30 last year, it’s time I took control of my own a little bit more.

So, here’s the list, in the 21st century format of a carving in stone, the inescapable internet record:

  1. Finish novel
  2. Start last year of degree in October
  3. Be more reliable at posting on blog
  4. Most importantly, create the perfect dairy free cheesecake

It’s going to be a long hard battle, probably lasting from around 365 days or thereabouts, but hopefully, fingers crossed, I’ll have a nice, financially viable, inoffensive cheesecake to help me along the way!

Nothing worth doing is easy.

Happy New Year!