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All the World’s a Game Show


Based on All the World’s a Stage, monologue in Act II, Scene VII of As you Like it, by William Shakespeare:-

All the world’s a game show,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their prizes and their consolations,
And one player in their time plays many times,
The life being seven rounds. At first, the fastest,
Fingers trembling over four options
Then the cash build up, with no multiple choice
And blushing panicked face, mumbling incoherently
Unwillingly to the next. And then the pointless,
Sighing over useless knowledge, with woeful eyes
Focused on the host’s shining shoes. Then conundrum,
Like strange oaths and senseless as the rest,
Nine letters, too sudden and quickly gone,
Seeking the genius reputation
Guesses firing from the cannon’s mouth. And then the numbers,
In fair round logic with good maths outlined,
With eyes severe and pens chewed sharp enough to cut,
Full of wise words without modern calculators;
And so the game is played. The sixth round shifts
Into the near impossible obscure general knowledge,
With spectacles on nose and hope in heart;
The youthful pub quiz memories, well saved, a world too wide
For the beer shrunk brain, and the big harsh hangovers,
Turning again toward childish knowledge, guesses
And succeeds in his answer. Last round of all,
That ends this strange eventful game,
Is on the buzzer and mere oblivion,
Sans prizes, sans dignity, sans knowledge, sans everything.