Copy and Paste


Ctrl C
Ctrl V

Copy and paste.

Valentine’s Day’s coming up. Again. I’m single for it. Again. But I digress. I’m not going to be sad and complain and be bitter. I don’t care really. I won’t cry at all when flowers get delivered to all the coupled up people in my office. They’ll all have red roses and, as a good Yorkshire girl, I don’t even like red roses. So there!

I have however been struck by how I’ve dated the same guy over and over. Not the exact same guy, but the same guy. I saw this t-shirt on another blog, “I don’t wanna date you, I just wanna copy and paste you” ( and while I’m pretty sure this was not the point Leandra was trying to make, I think that most of us may be doing just that much of the time.

I do have a type that I generally go for. Things I like include beards, blue eyes and an anti Manchester United attitude. (I did actually go on a couple of dates with a Man U fan once, but, as a good Yorkshire girl, I just couldn’t get past it). But, I’ve now realised that the men I go out with generally have lots of other things in common. There’s a generally tendency to be what I consider a little over clingy, patronising about football (which I do happen to know more about than most blokes appear to feel comfortable with) and a complete inability to spell. Obviously they have their good points too, I’m being unfair. There’s always banter, cheeky smiles, a diet high in steak, an enjoyment of reading and a liking of fantasy/science fiction type shows. All in all, in some way, they’re all pretty similar. And it doesn’t work out. So I guess to get the red roses that make me shudder, I need to find something different.

But there’s the problem. I seemed to have Ctrl and C’d the first guy and I’m walking round with him stuck in my hard drive and Ctrl and V’ing him into every guy I’ve met since. There’s always some little differences. Potential Boyfriend 14.0 was a massive improvement on Boyfriend 1.0 so possibly there’s a little anti-virus software installed in me as well that’s finding the bugs and fixing them bit by bit. I’m getting there. But these things take time. Of course some of them are worse. These things happen with development. Windows 8 anyone? There was the one guy who thought confessing he’d been tea bagged was an appropriate first date conversation topic, and the Man U fan, obviously.

Maybe it won’t take many more reboots before the bugs are fixed enough for me to stick around. Then again, with my commitment phobia, might take a few more fixes of the operating system first!

Husband 1.0 is out there somewhere and I guess he’s probably similar to Boyfriend 1.0 in a lot of ways, just a better version of him.
For those of you who have found compatible software, Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy it for what it should be. A chance to show that you love what you have got, not a chance to spend a fortune on those disgusting scarlet flowers.

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