I was born broken
When I was five I tripped and grazed my knee
Blood and grit
When I was seven I split my head
Sewn back together like a torn teddy bear
When I was eight I cracked my tooth on sweets
Refilled with stuff so sour
When I was eleven I slipped and smashed my arm
Three places
When I was fifteen he called me fat
Two years, destroying myself
When I was sixteen the family cat etched its mark into my thigh
For always
When I was seventeen the first one scarred me with ink
When I was twenty-three my world fell from me
Never to return
When I was twenty-seven something exploded
Manageable, they said
But now
Every scar is open
Ever break throbs
Every bruise is dark and purple
For this pain is everything
I was born broken
I will die in pieces

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