I’ll Never Forget

I’ll never forget the first time you told me
Then got scared and called the whole thing off
I’ll never forget how you came back to me
And I couldn’t cope
So I left
I’ll never forget the pain when you ignored me
Or being scared that I’d hurt you
When I did it back
I’ll never forget the parlour magic trick
The wink
And your lips on the back of my hand
I’ll never forget your honesty
I’ll never forget your lies
I’ll never forget your shaking voice over the phone
Or my stuttering replies
Because I couldn’t breathe
I’ll never forget your smile
I’ll never forget you telling me I was special
Or that I meant the world
And that you’d never want anything bad to happen to me
I’ll never forget being jealous of everyone
And flirting with anyone
My clumsy attempts to get you to notice
I’ll never forget the tears that blinded me
I’ll never forget
Why did you?

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