Monthly Archives: March 2013

Never Went to Scotland

The end is near I feel
Laid in my bed of death
Now the darkness is so real
I realise I have but one regret
That I never went to Scotland
I sat in a taverna in Crete
Gazing out on a sapphire blue sea
Broken plates close to my feet
Before a stroll down the rocky beach
But I’ve never been to Scotland
On the edge of the Grand Canyon I stood
Staring into this hole in the world
Until now awe inspiring was misunderstood
My name echoing to all of America
Still I’ve never been to Scotland
Down under I watched a kangaroo fly
The Joey in the pouch so safe and snug
And the Opera House wings so white against the deep blue sky
A million places all there in one country
And not one of them like Scotland
In Dublin a pint of Guinness was raised for St Pad
Watered down by the rains outside
That was the final holiday I had with my Dad
Irish rain now on my cheeks and on my pillows
He’d have loved to have gone to Scotland
Wondering how the Egyptians got the pyramids up
The Nile the only thing of a different colour
Discussing politics over frothy ahwa in my cup
Every day so still and hot
Longing for the cool air of Scotland
The Qutub Minar in Delhi leans like the Italian tower
The smell of petrol spoiling the taste of food from dhabas
I was completely taken over by the country’s power
My favourite destination of them all
Of course I never went to Scotland
Never listened to a haunting bagpipe melody
Never tasted fresh haggis on my tongue
Never felt tartan against my skin
Never smelt the aroma of lucky heather
Never saw the only place I really wanted to go