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Is it serious?


Posture.  It’s a strange thing.  Drastically improves when you’re in someone else’s house.  The less well you know them, the straighter your spine will be.

There are four people in the room each looking equally awkward.  A sad looking lop-sided Victoria sponge remains untouched.  The furniture is old fashioned but tasteful; the pale pink floral curtains clash slightly with the blue striped wallpaper.

The older man, smartly dressed, is sat next to a woman around his age.  Her hands are clenched so tightly around her teacup her knuckles are white.

The younger man and woman are both staring at the floor.   The only noise in the room is her shoe nervously tapping the coffee table.  The atmosphere is tangible.  The awkward silence cannot last forever.

‘So, is it serious?’

‘We’re getting married.’

‘Is she pregnant?’

‘No, of course not!’

‘Well, I failed to see what the rush is…’

‘You would.’

‘Oh and that means what?’

‘Look, me and Lesley are in love and we’re getting married.  I’m sorry if this upsets you and your sister, but your mother and I have been divorced for ten years!’


Three Little Words


“I love you.”

What does that mean exactly?  Does anyone really know?  A seven letter lie that cuts deeper than any other.


‘I love you.’

Angela smiled up at Michael.  It had only been three weeks but she felt the same way.  A part of her knew she should be careful.  Last time she heard it her heart had ended up in a million pieces.  This time felt different though.  She believed him.  Entirely.  She let the words echo from her own lips and felt his strong arms tighten around her.

When she awoke in the morning, still in his arms she knew a new chapter in her life was beginning.

She left the house walking on a cloud.  Everyone in the cafe she worked in got a big smile with their breakfast that morning.

At 1:00pm she sat down to her own sausage sandwich.  After all there was no longer a need to continue punishing herself with the cucumber salad diet!  She fished her phone out of the bottom of her bag.  Nothing.  Should she text him?  She shouldn’t.  Not really.  But he had said he loved her.  What harm could it do?

Thanx 4 last nite.  Do you want to come ova l8r?  Luv u xxx

Michael never replied.


‘It doesn’t matter what they think darling.  I love you and I can’t wait to be your wife.’

Andrew sighed in his relief, ‘you’re right.  Of course you are.  We don’t need a pre-nup.  Let’s forget the whole messy business.’

Debbie looked like a fallen angel walking down he aisle.  Her blue eyes sparkled, her blonde hair shone and her smile projected the innocence of a child.

Andrew felt like the luckiest man in the world.  His mother had called her a gold-digger, his sister a slut and his friends a cheap tart, but stood at the alter now all that meant nothing.  All that mattered was him and his perfect bride.

They recited their vows and he pushed the simple wedding band up to the full carat rock nestled in sapphires.  Then it was done and not a single member of the congregation could fully believe it.

Andrew’s happiness on his wedding day would last for the first five months of his marriage.  His wife was wonderful.  She glided through his day to day life like a blessing.  Every moment was filled with joy and nothing could be better.

So when he found her screaming in ecstasy with a boy half his age on the bonnet of her Ferrari, his whole world fell apart.


‘Your round.’

She smirked at his mischievous smile as he drained the last of his pint.  ‘I don’t think so’ she said, ‘but I’ll have a double if you’re going.’

He tutted, the mischief still shining in his eyes, ‘it’s never your round cheapskate.  No bother.  Have to go meet our lass anyway.  See you later tightarse.’  He ruffled her hair, stuck his tongue out, winked and disappeared.

Sometimes, seven letters hurt even more when they’re true.