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When Dreams Come True


How did it happen?

There she was looking into his eyes, his weight on top of her, his mouth on her neck, but how did it happen?

She couldn’t remember exactly when she’d realised he was flirting with her but she’d done her best to ignore it.  She did like him.  She did.  He was a good friend.  He was a good man.  But this wasn’t right.  She turned her face to the side and closed her eyes as they filled with tears and she thought of another time, another face, another touch.

Then she heard the immortal words “I love you” and woke up with a start.  Alone.


Just a Myth


‘I’ve told you before, I don’t believe in humans!’

‘Every time you say that a human falls down dead.’

‘You’re such a baby!’

Rose felt her eyes fill with tears.  Her brother thought he was so clever and grown up but she knew they were real.  She’d seen them.  Dull, wingless, flat footed creatures too wrapped up in themselves to notice her.  She was glad.  She didn’t want them to notice her.

Jimmy was back riding his unicorn with his usual arrogance.  He bent down to sneer at Rose.  ‘Next you’ll be telling me horses are real.’

Rose’s eyes were too blurred with crying to notice him go limp and fall to the ground.

If you listened hard enough you could have heard the faint sound of clapping as a little girl tried to ignore her brother’s taunts.  They’d been shut in the bedroom, out of the way of the paramedics trying to resuscitate their father.


Copyright, Donna Day, 2012

Stung by Grief


Here lies Angela Byrne

Beloved Wife



Michael stared until the words blurred behind his tears.  Everyone else had gone and he was completely alone.

Just him and his Angie.  His favourite way to be.

His mother had coldly told him that he was young, he would forget her, he would love again.  He found it hard to be angry.  He knew she didn’t mean any harm by it.

So many flowers surrounded the grave.  So many colours.  She would have loved it.

He wished he knew.  Had they done it?  Was there a tiny frozen baby within the body of his fallen angel?

He listened to a buzzing and imagined it was her.  Trying to talk to him from beyond.  The pain made his breath short and he fell to his knees almost hitting the bee feeding off the mourning bouquets.

The bee went deep into his leg draining the life from the both.

Three days later his mother went to put fresh flowers on the grave only for it to be reopened.

Here lies Angela Byrne

Beloved Wife


Here lies Michael Byrne

  Husband of the Above

The bee was mourned by no-one.