The beginning of the blogging


My father’s family name being Day, and my christian name Donna, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longer or more explicit than D.  So I called myself D, and came to be called Double D.

And I’m starting a blog.  Mostly because I’m starting a Creative Writing course with the OU in October and it seems to be in the in thing with the student crowd.

Mostly up until now my writing has been stored in old scrappy filled up notebooks and the like so this whole typing it up thing’s a bit new, even though I’m a secretary/audio typist and should probably know better.  Especially seeing as my handwriting is mostly illegible and any pen I buy leaks…

But the Creative Writing Facebook group is setting lots of weekly challenges to get the creative juices flowing and I’ll stick my efforts on here.  Along with anything else that happens to inspire me in the meantime.

After all it is a truth universally acknowledged that a writing woman in possession of too much paper must be in want of electronic storage.

And if it all goes wrong, as Billy Pilgrim said, so it goes.


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    • You know me. Any opportunity to plagarise the greats and I’ll do it! Take it you didn’t approve of the Dickens’ reference as much 😉

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